Certification and Exams

Advance your knowledge and career through CSI’s certification programs! For those who have thought, “There ought to be a ‘how-to book’ for, and ways to measure knowledge of, construction documents and the construction administration process,” this program is for you!

With CSI certification, you become part of a select group of individuals with the CDT, CCS, CCCA, or CCPR designation associated with their name ... and you receive the industry-wide respect and recognition that goes along with it.

01 Construction Documents Technologist (CDT)

The introductory level "certificate" program, covering project delivery systems, construction documents, procurement (bidding or negotiating), construction administration, facility management, and more. The CDT exam is 100 multiple choice questions with a two-hour time limit. Preparing for the CDT exam will also assist you with preparing to become a LEED-AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). A CDT certificate is required to take the advanced certification courses (CCS, CCCA, CCPR).

02 Certified Construction Specifier (CCS)

This advanced level certification covers the preparation of construction documents and specifications, and requires knowledge of industry-standard formats by CSI, such as OmniClass, UniFormat, MasterFormat (50-Division format), SectionFormat/PageFormat, and CSI’s Construction Specifications Practice Guide.

03 Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA)

This advanced level of certification covers procurement and construction administration and requires knowledge of project delivery systems and the contractual relationships associated with each, and knowledge of industry-standard documents such as AIA’s A101 Owner-Contractor Agreement; A201 General Conditions; and B101 Owner-Architect Agreement; or EJCDC C-520 Owner-Contractor Agreement; C-700 General Conditions; and E-500 Owner-Engineer Agreement; and CSI’s Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide. After the CDT, the CCCA is CSI’s second-most-popular certification program.

04 Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR)

The advanced-level CCPR certification is for product representatives and covers the product representative’s role and responsibilities in the design, procurement, construction, and facility management phases of a project.