A Quick History of CSI Buffalo-Western New York

Founded in 1958, the Buffalo-Western New York Chapter enjoys a diverse background of over 65 members and prides itself on maintaining the highest standards set by the Institute.

For a more detailed recollection of CSI Buffalo-Western New York, see our History page with an article written by the longest tenured member of the chapter, Alvin J. Oberst. 

Continuing Education

CSI Buffalo-Western New York offers opportunities for professionals to maintain required continuing education credits for state licensure. The credits offered typically reach out to architects, engineers, and designers alike. It's a great way to learn about new products in the industry, meet local product representatives, and ask questions for clarification.

Presentations are held on the first Thursday of the month, from September to June, on the lunch hour. All who are interested are invited to join!

Conferences / Seminars

CSI is a national organization dispersed by regions and chapters. The Buffalo chapter is part of the Northeast Region, and continues its 50-plus year existance along the path set forward by the national organization. We do this simply by attending seminars and conferences all across the Northeast and beyond (open to all who are interested). 

Recognizing the market we are in is how we cater to the needs of those who have joined or visited us; however, encouragement of expanding beyond our local limits has grown. Attend a conference!


To be successful in the design and construction profession, building a network of contacts is vital. CSI Buffalo-Western New York is a social group as much as it is a professional organization.

Social media outlets such as Facebook and LinkedIn are a great way to expand your network. Please feel free to start a conversation, or promote an interesting change in the profession through our social media pages.

Tours / Social Outings

Did we mention we are a social group?! Well indeed we are, and nothing says that more than providing opportunities to explore the fabulous historic architecture found throughout Buffalo... and we do it in the company of friends, collegues, and even family.

Are you interested in touring a specific building in the city? Let us know... maybe we can help! Summer time in Buffalo offers plenty of opportunity to learn and explore new things in old places, but we are not limited to only the desirable weather. Happy hour events and holiday gatherings tend to be the specialty during the cold months.